Dr Arindam Ghosh

Consultant Gastrointestinal Surgery

HOD Surgery Medeor Hospital Dubai
Burjeel Hospital Dubai
Burjeel Hospital Sharja.

25 yrs of surgical expertise
Experience of 12000 plus GI surgeries
1000 plus Bariatric surgeries (MGB, RYGB & Sleeve)
Catering patients from US, UK, Asia, Africa Europe & Middle East.

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Resection of recurrence

Metachronous tumour recurrence after total colectomy and ileorectal anastamoses for cancer colon.The recurrent Tumor was obstructing the lower ureter and infiltrating the left illiac vessels. A left lower ureterectomy with excision of left internal iliac artery and partial excision of left external ilac vein along the whole tumor was done with subsequent reconstruction. Dr Arindam Ghosh Mch Gastrosurgeon Advanced laparoscopic ,onco Bariatric & Liver transplant Surgeon Website www.drarindamghosh. com

Resection of recurrence