Dr Arindam Ghosh

Consultant Gastrointestinal Surgery

HOD Surgery Medeor Hospital Dubai
Burjeel Hospital Dubai
Burjeel Hospital Sharja.

25 yrs of surgical expertise
Experience of 12000 plus GI surgeries
1000 plus Bariatric surgeries (MGB, RYGB & Sleeve)
Catering patients from US, UK, Asia, Africa Europe & Middle East.

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Dr Arindam Ghosh senior consultant SGH Dubai,UAE is an expert in perinial reconstruction & high fistula repair.
few of his expert videos are incorporated in this website and doctors who are intersted can view his surgeries on you tube.
He has successfully treated hundreds of high fistulas ,rectovaginal fistulas,perineal tear during labour & complication of hemorroid surgery leading to incontinance.
He is an expert in sphincter repair.