Dr Arindam Ghosh

Consultant Gastro & Bariatric Surgery
Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai
NMC Royal, Sharjah

Ex Senior Consultant Saudi German Hospital

EX-HOD Surgery Medeor Hospital Dubai
Burjeel Hospital Dubai
Burjeel Hospital Sharjah.

Experience of 12000 plus GI surgeries
1000 plus Bariatric surgeries (MGB, RYGB & Sleeve)
Honoured to be a DHA Examiner for GI Surgery Consultant/Specialist

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Gastric Banding, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass,Sleeve Gastrectomy,Mini Gastric Bypass.

We embarked on #bariatric surgery program on late 2005.I got trained in Switzerland Beau Clinic. We completed more than 1000 plus cases of weight loss surgery.It was a remarkable and satisfying journey with no mortality. Being a tertiary  center we received all high risk cases. We performed all weight loss surgery namely #Gastric Banding, #Gastric Bypass, #Sleeve Gastrectomy & #Mini Gastric Bypas,

We provide world class health care in American accredited hospital (JCI accreditation, one of the strictest Accreditation).

Risks associated with obesity

#Obesity is  pandemic, It is crippling with multiple associated ailments. It causes early mortality due to heart attack .Diabetes  Hypertension infertility, endocrine disorders, osteoarthritis & sleep apnea (disturbed sleep due to airway obstruction) are some of the diseases commonly associated with obesity. Bariatric surgery is the only solution to get rid of morbid obesity & its attending lethal complications. BMI >35 are suitable candidates for bariatric surgery.

Weight loss surgery achieves prolonged and sustained remission of uncontrolled diabetes ,high blood pressure and all other diseases. It remarkably improves life expectancy.

There are multiple procedures for weight loss, which one to go for should be decided after proper counselling  by the surgeon.


#Sleeve is a restrictive surgery where the size of the stomach is reduced from a bag to a tube.




#Gastric bypass is a restrictive and slightly malabsorbtive procedure. It is a reversible




#Gastric banding is also a restrictive surgery, where a band is put at gastroesopageal junction. which limits the intake of food .It is not favored as it involves insertion of a foreign body with its attending complications.
Nowadays #MINI GASTRIC BYPASS is becoming the very popular operation.It is some restrictive and moderatively malabsorbtive operation.




After weight loss surgery every month 5-6 kg of average weight loss is expected & 60%-80% of weight loss is achieved within 1-2 yrs. If one follows proper diet and life style this weight loss is sustainable. Supplemental protein, vitamins and iron are frequently required along with small ,frequent low sugar low calorie food and regular exercise.

Dr Arindam Ghosh

M.Ch. (Gastroenterology Surgery)

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery.

GI & HPB Onco Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery for Weight loss and Diabetes.


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